Public Integrity Unit

The primary responsibility of the Public Integrity Unit is to ensure the principles of the Lexington Police Department are being upheld. The unit serves as a mechanism for internal accountability by receiving, processing and investigating complaints or commendations concerning police conduct.

Interacting with Police

Contact with a police officer can occur in a variety of ways, including:

• During community functions or events
• Emergency situations
• Questioning for an investigation
• Traffic stops

This page, What to Expect When Stopped by Police, provides some general guidelines on what you should do when you encounter a law enforcement official. 


Information regarding complaints and reports compiled by PIU can be found on the police Personnel Data page

Read our policies:

GO 1973-02K Disciplinary Procedures of Sworn Officers

GO 2011-06C Public Integrity Unit


Public feedback

Please use this form to file a complaint or commendation for a Lexington Police employee, or you can call (859) 258-3625 during regular business hours. 

If you would like to save a comment form for later, please use this printable form.