Racial Justice and Equality Commission


Purpose: To assemble diverse community members to listen, discuss and create empowering solutions that dismantle systemic racism in Fayette County.

Commission and subcommittee members

Guiding principles

  • Acknowledgment
  • Ask
  • Address
  • Action 


  • Racial Equity
  • Education & Economic Opportunity
  • Health Disparities
  • Law Enforcement, Justice and Accountability
  • Housing and Gentrification

Subcommittee objectives and goals

  • Identify both the systemic and systematic practices of racism which has fostered structural inequalities, challenges, and deficiencies in Lexington-Fayette County.
  • Assess the historic marginalization of African Americans in this community
  • Recommend and advocate the systemic changes that will protect and promote racial opportunity, diversity, equity, and unity.

Together, we’re ALL–IN…for building bridges to unite our communities.


These resources were shared with the Commission Subcommittees for informational purposes.

Resources & documents

Subcommittee meeting schedules

Subcommittee meeting minutes


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Health Disparities

Law Enforcement, Justice & Accountability

Housing & Gentrification

Racial Equity

Education & Economic Opportunity