Central Records Unit

The Central Records Unit is part of the police department's Bureau of Administration. This unit helps residents and visitors with:

  • Alarm system registration
  • Background checks/criminal records report 
    • NOTE: Lexington Police does not process background checks. This link will take you to the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts.
  • Access Collision/Accident/Crime reports
  • Submit an online criminal report
  • Open records requests
  • Fingerprinting: If you need fingerprinting for employment background checks with a Kentucky state agency, please visit the Identogo website or call (844) 543-5981.

    For all other requests, the cost is $10 for each card. Fingerprinting is available Tuesday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m at Lexington Police Headquarters located at 150 E. Main St. We only accept cash or checks; we do not accept credit cards or debit cards for payment. (NOTE: Fingerprinting at Lexington Police is not currently available due to COVID-19 measures and the lobby to Police Headquarters is closed to the public.)

  • Scrap Metal DealersSubmit application by mail or hand delivered with appropriate signatures to the Lexington Police Department. Application


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