Bureau of Investigation

Ron ComptonUnder the leadership of Assistant Chief Ron Compton, the Bureau of Investigation comprises three areas: Criminal Investigations, Special Investigations, and Public Integrity. 

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Criminal Investigations

When police respond to a criminal incident, the report is generally completed by a Patrol officer and the case is assigned to a detective in Criminal Investigations.

Property Crimes Section

  • Auto Crimes Unit | auto theft, larcenies from auto (vehicle break-ins), unauthorized use of motor vehicles
  • Financial Crimes Unit | forgeries, fraudulent use of credit card, identity theft, scams  
  • Residential Crimes Unit | burglaries, criminal mischief, criminal trespassing
  • Commercial Crimes Unit | burglaries, shoplifting


Personal Crimes Section

  • Robbery Unit | assaults, extortion, harassing communications, robberies
  • Homicide Unit | death investigations, kidnapping, missing persons (over 18), wanton endangerment


Crime Reduction Section [night time investigations]

  • Larceny Crimes Unit |  larcenies from auto (vehicle break-ins), auto theft, burglaries, shoplifting, financial crimes
  • Violent Crimes Unit | provides a readily-available, rapid investigative response to crimes of violence while also managing various case assignments in conjunction with the Personal Crimes Section, to include assaults, harassing communications, robberies, wanton endangerment, kidnapping
  • Gang Unit | crimes involving known/suspected gang members/syndicates, coordinates with community partners involved in prevention efforts through information sharing


Special Victims Section

  • Crimes Against Children Unit | assault, criminal abuse, custodial interference, missing person (under 18), rape/sexual abuse
  • Domestic Violence Unit | domestic violence, elder abuse, human trafficking, indecent exposure, mentally disabled abuse, sex crimes, stalking
  • Victim Advocates
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner


Special Investigations

Investigative Support Section


Special Investigations Section

  • Narcotics Enforcement Unit | drug possession, trafficking, overdose investigations, prescription take-back
  • Intelligence Unit


Public Integrity Unit

The primary responsibility of the Public Integrity Unit is to ensure the principles of the Lexington Police Department and serves as a mechanism for internal accountability by receiving, processing and investigating complaints or commendations concerning police conduct.