Background investigations

The Background Investigation Unit is part of the Police Department's Bureau of Investigation. This unit conducts a variety of background investigations for the Urban County Government. Investigations include all Police Department applicants and volunteers, E-911 employees, taxi drivers, constables, parking enforcement personnel, city citation officers and alarm companies. On average the unit conducts approximately 500 background investigations per year.

Contact Background Investigations

Phone: (859) 258-3791


Fax: (859) 425-2524

Please note: The Lexington Police Department does not provide background record checks to members of the general public. Contact the Administrative Office of the Courts in Frankfort, Ky. either by mail, online or in person to request a record check. Visit the Administrative Office of the Courts website for details or call AOC at (502) 573-1682.

Forms for background investigations




Required documents for background investigation & polygraph exam

  • Birth Certificate - Official copy from the State Bureau of Vital Statistics (Hospital/Health Department birth records CAN NOT be substituted for this State document; no photo copies)

  • High School Diploma or GED Certificate or College Transcripts with original seal and signature (no photo copies)

  • Five year driving record from your County Clerks Office or your State DMV

  • Copy of Form DD 214 and all military I.D.'s

  • Copy of any and all certificates; achievements, certifications, awards, etc.

  • Copy of Social Security Card

  • Copy of Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance for every vehicle in your name

  • Out of State Applicants must obtain a Local Criminal Records Check from their respective jurisdiction

Please remember to wear professional attire to your polygraph exam and interview!

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