2015 homicide investigations

If you have information about a murder case, please contact the Lexington Police Department by calling (859) 258-3600.

Anonymous tips, including photos and videos, can be submitted anonymously through Bluegrass Crime Stoppers at (859) 253-2020 or www.bluegrasscrimestoppers.com.

No. Date Location Victim's Name Age Cause of Death Status of Case Suspect(s)
1 1/18/2015 5XX Lamont Dr Todd Schumer 40 Stabbing CBA Matthew P. Donaghy
2 1/26/2015 6XX Johnston Rd Alejandro Dominguez 23 Gunshot CBA Felix E. Rodriguez
3 2/4/2015 18XX Chatsworth Dr Goldia Massey 50 Blunt/sharp trauma CBA Paris Charles
4 3/17/2015 33XX Bellefonte Dr Vondre Smithers 20 Gunshot CBA Dustin J. Yost
5 4/17/2015 4XX E. Maxwell Sr Jonathan Krueger 22 Gunshot CBA Efrain Diaz
Justin Smith
Roman Gonzalez-Lizarde
6 4/19/2015 37XX Trent Circle Salahuddin Jitmoud 22 Sharp trauma CBA Trey Relford
7 6/7/2015 9XX Whitney Ave Montez Graves 31 Gunshot CBA Jermaine M. Anderson
8 6/7/2015 7XX Charles Ave Ronnie Graves 53 Gunshot Open  
9 6/9/2015 18XX Gerald Dr Thomas Brown 55 Gunshot Open  
10 6/21/2015 7XX Georgetown St Kwame El-Amin 42 Gunshot Open


11 7/4/2015 59XX Athens Walnut Hill Pike John A Sharp 53 Sharp trauma CBA Vanessa Napier
12 7/14/2015 13XX River Park Circle Shirley Clemons 64 Asphyxiation CBA Jack Clemons
13 8/22/2015 17XX Alexandria Dr Robert F. Greer 28 Gunshot Open  
14 10/14/2015 40XX Nichols Park Dr James D. Holiness 58 Sharp trauma CBA John B. Cawood
15 11/22/2015 Kent Dr / Cabot Dr Jamaal T. Gossett 18 Gunshot CBA Terry L. Farrell
16 12/6/2015 19XX Oxford Cir Andres Soto 20 Gunshot CBA Christopher Bravo

Information about this chart

  • All victim names are released by the Fayette County Coroner's Office
  • Click on address and/or suspect name for most recent press release about the case
  • The Lexington Police Department does not name juvenile suspects
  • CBA = Cleared by Arrest; CBE = Cleared by Exception
  • Investigations determined to be justifiable homicides not included in list
  • Suspects are named when investigators obtain a warrant or an arrest is made