Police data and information

The Lexington Police Department strives to serve the people of Lexington-Fayette County in a manner that is professional, ethical and transparent. This page contains tables, documents and links about a wide array of information related to department personnel, policies and statistics. 

Questions about information provided on this page or a specific case/incident should be directed to the Office of Public Information or the Open Records Unit

Crime statistics

  • Part 1 offenses
  • Homicide investigations
  • Assaults with firearms


Traffic data

  • Monthly traffic analyst reports
  • Annual reports


Personnel data

  • Employee demographics
  • Commendations and discipline
  • Public Integrity Unit data

Calls for Service

Police Calls for Service
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Total calls for police
(Administrative line + E911)
507,549 526,670 547,091 492,276 477,711 511,997
calls for service
151,908 222,062 232,031 253,570 249,893 242,258
Officer initiated calls 62,138 48,982 50,392 65,247 68,594 66,210
Off-duty responses 2,838 3,289 3,625 4,025 3,442 2,882



21st century policing

In December 2014 President Barack Obama established the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing. The group's mission was to "...identify best practices and otherwise make recommendations to the President on how policing practices can promote effective crime reduction while building public trust."

The task force's efforts were focused on six pillars:

  • Building Trust and Legitimacy
  • Policy and Oversight
  • Technology and Social Media
  • Community Policing and Crime Reduction
  • Training and Education
  • Officer Wellness and Safety

The final report was released in May 2015 and included 59 concrete recommendations and 92 action items that provided a blueprint for cities and towns to use as they develop policing strategies. 

The Lexington Police Department's response to the 21st Century Policing report is available online: Read Lexington's 21st century policing report