2013 homicide investigations

If you have information about a murder case, please call Lexington Police at (859) 258-3600.

Anonymous tips, including photos and videos, can be submitted anonymously through Bluegrass Crime Stoppers at (859) 253-2020 or www.bluegrasscrimestoppers.com.

No. Date Location Victim's Name Age Cause of Death Status of Case Suspect(s)
1 1/5/2013 1XX Simpson Ave Joe D. Randolph 48 Gunshot CBA

Quante Johnson

Allen Burgess

2 1/27/2013 Bolivar Ave / S. Broadway Allen M. Smith 23 Gunshot CBA Dynell A. Stewart II
3 3/3/2013 19XX Stanton Way Gerald Lakes 24 Starvation CBA

Jerry Lakes

Peggy Whitlock

4 3/27/2013 4XX Scottsdale Cir Quantina Reed 34 Gunshot CBA Jeffrey E. Jackson
5 4/14/2013 7XX E. New Circle Rd Steven L. Reynolds 32 Gunshot CBA Devonte L. Webb
6 5/22/2013 28XX Ryan Cir Patrick N. Puckett 18 Gunshot CBA Ernest Wheeler III
7 5/25/2013 6XX Carver Rd Jered Taylor 26 Gunshot CBA

Darryl Stewart, Jr.

Latasha R. Parks

Lazeric Givens

8 6/8/2013 Newtown Pike / Georgetown Rd Tommy Crawford 45 Blunt force CBA Jimmie D. Alexander, Jr.
9 6/28/2013 18XX Marietta Dr Elmia M. Farris 32 Blunt force CBA Chico D. Rucker
10 7/28/2013 25XX Cashel Ct Ezavion Lindsey 16 Gunshot CBA Eric L. Trigg, Jr.
11 8/1/2013 4XX E. New Circle Donald Leroy Cook 82 Blunt force CBA

Joel D. Searcy

12 8/31/2013 20XX Cambridge Dr Dale L. Irons 73 Blunt force CBA Claude E. Dalrymple
13 9/3/2013 Spangler Dr / Ridgepoint Run Derek S. Pelphrey 23 Gunshot CBA

Trustin B. Jones

Robert Guernsey

Desmond Jones

14 9/22/2013 13XX Russell Cave Rd Johntel Crocker 22 Gunshot CBA Joshua L. Tevis
15 10/3/2013 35XX Laredo Dr Antonio L. Epps 41 Stabbing CBA

Melinda Morgan

16 11/8/2013 12XX Tishoff Dr Tom Rogers 74 Stabbing CBA

Henry Stacy


11/9/2013 14XX Huntsville Dr

Ava G. McKenzie

2 months

Asphyxiation CBA

William C. McKenzie

18 11/13/2013 13XX Russell Cave Rd Curtis Simmons 33 Gunshot CBA Tevin Wright
19 11/28/2013 1XX Henton Rd Caz Hazuga II 1 month Blunt force CBA Caz G. Hazuga
20 12/9/2013 17XX Alexandria Dr Mukeshbhai Patel 51 Gunshot CBA Travis Bredhold

Information about this chart

  • All victim names are released by the Fayette County Coroner's Office
  • Click on address and/or suspect name for most recent press release about the case
  • The Lexington Police Department does not name juvenile suspects
  • CBA = Cleared by Arrest; CBE = Cleared by Exception
  • Investigations determined to be justifiable homicides not included in list
  • Suspects are named when investigators obtain a warrant or an arrest is made