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Now Hiring: School Crossing Guards

The Lexington Police Department is hiring School Crossing guards to work in its Bureau of Special Operations.

Forcht Bank Robbery Arrests

Two people have been arrested in connection with a bank robbery that occurred on May 21, 2024.

Ormond Circle Shots Fired Investigation Arrests

Four people have been arrested following shots fired that occurred in the early morning hours on Ormond Circle.

The Lexington Police Department


Mission statement

"As employees of the Lexington Police Department, we will continually strive to improve our knowledge, skills and abilities in order to provide the citizens of Fayette County with the most efficient and professional law enforcement services attainable."


Core values

Efficiency – Customer Service – Community Partnerships – Employee Satisfaction –
 Develop Leadership



Want to learn more about Lexington Police? Our transparency page includes information and data about department policies and how we are held accountable to the community we serve.

Lexington Police transparency


Lexington Police is NOW HIRING

See your work matter with a career at the Lexington Police Department! 



Interacting with police

Contact with a police officer can occur in a variety of ways, including:

  • During community functions or events
  • Emergency situations
  • Questioning for an investigation
  • Traffic stops


This page, What to Expect When Stopped by Police, provides some general guidelines on what you should do when you encounter a law enforcement official. 

You have the right to ask officers to explain their actions and also to ask them for their name and ID number.

Please use this online form to submit a complaint or share a compliment about a police employee, or you can call the Public Integrity Unit at (859) 258-3625 during regular business hours. 

If you would like to save a comment form for later, use this printable form.

2024 department goals and objectives


Goal 1: The Bureau of Special Operations will provide personnel with five national-level collision reconstruction training courses to improve fatal collision investigations.

Goal 2: The Bureau of Special Operations will provide training for the Downtown Entertainment District (DED) Unit on current ABC laws and regulations, along with awareness training from the Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention.

Goal 3: The Bureau of Investigations will increase the use of DNA technology to investigate violent crimes.

Goal 4: The Bureau of Administration will enhance officer safety and transparency by deploying Axon Signal devices across the vehicle fleet to help ensure BWCs are operational while vehicles operate with activated emergency equipment.

Goal 5: The Bureau of Administration will successfully achieve 2024 CALEA Accreditation.

Goal 6: The Bureau of Administration will continue to build upon the operational readiness of the department through two initiatives. First, a patrol rifle certification course will be added to the academy's basic curriculum, and second, every officer in the department will be outfitted with a rifle-rated ballistic vest.

Goal 7: The Bureau of Administration will increase awareness of overall wellness and its importance as it relates to the policing profession.

Goal 8: The Bureau of Investigation will seek training opportunities for current members of the Forensic Services Unit.

Goal 9: The Bureau of Investigation, Real-Time Intelligence Center (RTIC) has seen great success in providing up-to-date information to Officers and Detectives responding to police calls for service. The RTIC will expand coverage, which will allow the department to provide more concurrent hours of operation.


Have questions about how we're meeting these goals? Contact Commander Tommy Perkins in the Chief's Office.