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Man arrested in connection with armed robberies

September 22, 2016 - A man wanted in connection with the armed robberies of two local sporting goods stores has been apprehended. Deverious Jones was taken into custody this afternoon without incident.

Scam alert: Police warn of man soliciting donations for non-profits

September 20, 2016 - The Lexington Police Department is warning residents, businesses and organizations of a scam in which a man claims to be collecting donations for local non-profits.  Multiple incidents involving Kenneth Roth, 51, have been reported.

Arrests made in case of body found in burning car

September 14, 2016 - Two people are charged in connection with the death of a man found in a burning car.

The Lexington Police Department

With an authorized strength of 630 sworn officers and nearly 150 civilian personnel, the Lexington Police Department is the largest division within the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government. The agency's mission is to serve and protect all citizens and visitors in the city with a high level of integrity, transparency and dedication to community policing. The department is led by Chief Lawrence Weathers.  

The department consists of four bureaus:




Special Operations

Each bureau is home to several units, with responsibilities ranging from traffic control, patrolling neighborhoods, criminal investigations, assisting crime victims, officer training and more.

The department is accredited by CALEA, the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies, and has been awarded "flagship agency" status.

Mission Statement

"As employees of the Lexington Police Department, we will continually strive to improve our knowledge, skills and abilities in order to provide the citizens of Fayette County with the most efficient and professional law enforcement services attainable."


Department spotlight: Officer Eric Crayner

Learn more about our 2018 Police Officer of the Year, Eric Crayner. 

No words: the true story of the Krispy Kreme truck fire

In honor of National Doughnut Day, we revist the tragic Krispy Kreme doughnut truck fire of New Year's Eve 2018. You've seen the pictures, now learn the "hole" story from the officers and other eyewitnesses. 

Grab your favorite pastry and settle in for the Lexington Police doughnut documentary. 

Interacting with police

Contact with a police officer can occur in a variety of ways, including:

  • During community functions or events
  • Emergency situations
  • Questioning for an investigation
  • Traffic stops

This pamphlet, "What to do When You Are Stopped by Police," provides some general guidelines on what you should do when you encounter a law enforcement official. 

You have the right to ask officers to explain their actions and also to ask them for their name and ID number.
To make a complaint or convey a compliment, contact the Public Integrity Unit at (859) 258-3625


2019 Department goals and objectives

Goal 1:  The Bureau of Administration will provide training to all sworn personnel on updated techniques related to active shooter / aggressor training.  This will include an integration and partnership with emergency medical response and other local law enforcement partners.

Goal 2:  The Bureau of Administration Computer Information Systems Unit plans to implement and transition to a new records management system, computer aided dispatch system and mobile client in 2019.

Goal 3:  The Bureau of Administration will increase the number of officers that are trained in Crisis Intervention Training.

Goal 4:  The Bureau of Patrol will increase the professional development of patrol officers.

Goal 5:  The Bureau of Special Operations (BOSO) will facilitate the construction of a new canine facility in order to improve the operational effectiveness of the department’s K9 Unit.

Goal 6:  In response to church shooting incidents that have occurred nationwide, BOSO’s Community Services Section will provide a training class for churches in Fayette County that instructs them how to improve their physical security and operational awareness.

Goal 7:  The Community Services Section will pursue Crime-Free Multi-housing “Train the Trainer” courses and increase the number of personnel who can instruct these courses to other department personnel.

Goal 8:  The Traffic Section will fully staff the Safety Officer Program.

Goal 9:  The Traffic Section will increase the number of radar trailers by 40% for strategic deployment throughout Fayette County

Goal 10:  The Bureau of Investigation (BOI) will work to have signed contracts with 6 SANE nurses and have those individuals trained and retained by the end of the year.   

Goal 11: BOI will conduct two interagency felony rounds ups during 2019.

Goal 12: BOI will increase the use of advanced technology for the presentation of forensic evidence in courtroom proceedings.

Have questions about how we're meeting these goals? Contact Commander Brian Maynard in the Chief's Office.