Impounded vehicles

Vehicles impounded (towed) by the police or LexPark are taken to Roberts Towing (formerly Bluegrass Towing). Phone: (859) 233-9711 Vehicles can be picked up at 757 E.Seventh St.

If a vehicle is suspected of being involved in a crime, a hold could be placed on it until the investigation or court proceedings are complete. When the criminal case is completed, the investigating officer that placed the hold will notify the vehicle owner or authorized user and a release form will be e-mailed to Robert's Towing so that the owner/authorized user can pay any outstanding towing or storage fees and pick up the vehicle. A driver’s license and proof of registration is necessary to pick up a vehicle

A computerized log of vehicles impounded from private property is maintained by the Central Records Unit, as a courtesy. You can call the private company directly or you can contact the Reports Desk at (859) 258-3563, to determine the location of privately impounded vehicles.

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