2011 homicide investigations

If you have information about a murder case, please call Lexington Police at (859) 258-3600.

Anonymous tips, including photos and videos, can be submitted anonymously through Bluegrass Crime Stoppers by calling (859) 253-2020 or online at www.bluegrasscrimestoppers.com.


No. Date Location Victim's Name Age Cause of Death Status of Case Suspect(s)




1/04/2011 21XX Shaker Run Rd

Donald L. Adams, Sr.

Donald L. Adams, Jr.

Ronnie L. Sparks





Gunshot CBA William L. Blancet
4 3/20/2011 Hedgewood Court Amine Lemghaili 28 Gunshot CBA John D. Cherry, Jr.
5 4/04/2011 24XX Fortune Drive Micole L. Dent 32 Gunshot Open  
6 4/17/2011 7XX New Circle Rd James R. Music 29 Gunshot CBA Mike D. Rieder
7 4/29/2011 15XX Trent Blvd Anthony D. Lewis, Jr. 24 Gunshot Pended  
8 5/01/2011 3XX E. Main St Brian E. Carr II 19 Gunshot CBA Robert Benton
9 5/05/2011 12XX Centre Pkwy Dennis M. Kelly 57 Blunt force trauma CBA Gregory A. Seldon
10 5/25/2011 20XX Hillgate Dr Adelaide K. McReynolds 2 Blunt force trauma CBA William McReynolds
11 5/30/2011 6XX Thoroughbred Way Tommisha Taylor 18 Gunshot CBA Juvenile
12 6/14/2011 11XX Tatesbrook Dr Taiwan Hart 34 Gunshot Open  
13 7/02/2011 36XX Appian Way Napolean J. Johnson 23 Gunshot Open  
14 9/01/2011 23XX Huguenard Dr Martha J. Post 55 Gunshot CBA Marty Roe
15 10/11/2011 3XX Elm Tree Lane Vincent R. Miles 34 Gunshot CBA Clark D. Young
16 12/03/2011 27XX Woodlawn Ave Joseph M. Adams 5 Poison CBA Deah Adams

Information about this chart

  • All victim names are released by the Fayette County Coroner's Office
  • The Lexington Police Department does not name juvenile suspects
  • CBA = Cleared by Arrest; CBE = Cleared by Exception
  • Investigations determined to be unfounded / justifiable homicides not included
  • Suspects are named when investigators obtain a warrant or an arrest is made
  • Does not include judicial outcome of case