General standards of conduct

The city endeavors to maintain a positive work environment. Each employee plays a role in fostering this environment. Accordingly, we all shall abide by certain rules of conduct based on honesty, common sense, and fair play. Because not everyone may have the same idea about proper workplace conduct, it is helpful to adopt and enforce rules all can follow. Unacceptable conduct may subject the offender to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Answers to the most frequently asked questions on this topic can be found in this chapter as well as the Uniform Disciplinary Code section of this handbook.

Branding, graphic and logo standards

Bulletin boards

Cash and check handling

Computer use policy

Employee dress and personal appearance

Employment records

Employment verification

LFUCG-issued email addresses and phone numbers

Performance evaluations

Personal use of government equipment by employees

Personal visits and telephone calls

Policy on energy efficiency

Publicity/statements to the media

Punctuality and attendance

Social media policy

Solicitation and distribution

Wireless device policy