CAO Policies

The Chief Administrative Office policies are policies developed, adopted, and administered by the Chief Administrator of the city government for the general administration and oversight of the government. They include procedures under which divisions operate.


Policy number Description
Policy 1 Professional Services
CAO Policy 1 has been repealed. Please refer to Resolution 320-2019 which adopted amendments to the Division of Purchasing regulations for the Procurement of Personal/Professional Services.
Policy 2 REPEALED – Advertising Vacancies and Hiring Employees at Greater than the Minimum Pay Established for the Grade
Policy 3R Policy for using, managing, maintaining, and selecting vehicles for replacement
Policy 4R

Travel Policy and Procedures 
Related Forms: Mileage expense form, Travel Authorization & Advance Request form, Disbursement request form

Policy 5R Policy and Procedure for Harassment Complaints
Policy 6R Flex-Time Policy
Employee Flex Time Agreement Form
Policy 7 Revised Alcohol and Drug
Policy 8R Open Record Policy
Policy 9 Personal Use of Government Equipment by Employees
Policy 10R Wireless Telephone Policy – repealed and replaced with CAO Policy 52
Policy 11R Food Purchases Policy
Policy 12 Hazard Communications Policy
Policy 13R Requesting Assistance from the Department of Law
Policy 14R

Inclement Weather Policy

Policy 15 Standardized Process and Format for Contract Change Orders and Contract Modifications
Policy 15 addendum Customized Process and Format for Contract Change Orders and Contract Modifications: Sanitary Sewers Remedial Measure Plan
Policy 16 Policies and Procedures for Mileage Reimbursement for Business Use of Employees Personal Vehicle
Policy 17 Standard Operating Procedures for Position Studies
(Note: There is a moratorium on this policy until further notice.)
Policy 18R

Guidelines for Use of Government Center Council Chamber and Ballroom, and Phoenix Conference Room

Policy 19 Respiratory Protection Policy
Policy 20 CAO Policy 20, the Smoking Policy, has been repealed. Please refer to chapter 14, section 14-103 of the Code of Ordinances for clarification.
Policy 21 Lockout Tag out Policy
Policy 22 Policy for Administration of Grants | ARPA addendum
Policy 23R Acquisition of Real Property from Property Owners Under Certain Notices and or Orders
Policy 24 Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Inspection Procedures
  Computer Policy Revised 102013
  E-mail Search Form 102013
  Receipt and Acknowledgement Form 102013
Policy 26 Asbestos Compliance Policy
Policy 27 Payroll Deductions
Policy 28

Employee Products Services Directory

Policy 29 Environmental Compliance Policy
Policy 30R General Real Property Acquisition
Policy 31 On Call and Call Back Policy – ordinance
Policy 32 Procedure for Accepting Private Streets into Public Right-of-Way
Policy 33

Radon Policy Statement

Policy 34 Policy on Violence in the Workplace
Policy 35 Permit Required – Confined Space Entry Policy
Policy 36 Tuberculosis Prevention, Exposure, Disease Policy
Policy 37 Exposure Control Plan for Blood and Body Fluids
Policy 38 Policy on Acceptance of Gifts
Policy 39 Policy on Energy Efficiency
Policy 40 Cash Handling Procedures
Policy 41 American with Disabilities Act Transition Plan
Policy 42 Policy on Suspended or Debarred Contractors
Policy 43 LFUCG Ethics Tip Line Policy & Procedures
Policy 44 Policy Governing External Links and External Websites
Policy 45R LFUCG Notary Public Appointments
Policy 46 Qualified Adult Benefits
Policy 47 Financial Asset Policy
Policy 48 Donations
Policy 49 Naming Policy for Park Lands, Features, and Facilities
Policy 50

Social Media

Policy 51 Lactation Policy
Policy 52 Mobile Device Policy
Policy 53 Disability Leave Policy
Policy 54 Vehicle and Equipment Damage and Accident Policy – addendum
Policy 55 Use of Government Radio System
Policy 56R Payment Processing
Policy 57 Branding, graphic and logo standards – branding guide
Policy 58 All Gender Single Occupancy 
Policy 59 Telecommuting – Telecommuting Agreement Form
Policy 60 Adoption Assistance Benefit
Policy 61 Employee ID and visitor access
Policy 62 Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) "Drone" – Acknowledgment form