Solicitation and distribution

Policies on the personal use of government equipment/supplies and government time, apply to solicitation and distribution. For example, no outside business is to be conducted on government time; employees should utilize personal time such as meal breaks, rest periods, and before/after work. Abuses of this policy shall result in action authorized under the code of ordinances regarding employee misconduct and consistent with the Uniform Disciplinary Code section of this handbook.

For complete details on permitted use of government equipment/supplies on personal time as they apply to solicitation and distribution, refer to CAO Policy 09: Personal Use of Government Equipment by Employees, for equipment and supplies; CAO Policy 03: Policy for using, managing, maintaining, and selecting vehicles for replacement, for vehicles; and CAO Policy 25: Computer Policy, for computers.

CAO Policy 03: Policy for Using, Managing, Maintaining, and Selecting Vehicles for Replacement
CAO Policy 09: Personal Use of Government Equipment by Employees
CAO Policy 25: Computer Policy

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