Policy on energy efficiency

The goal of the city’s Energy Management Plan is to reduce usage of electricity, natural gas, propane, petroleum, and water. This will save the city money by lowering city utility costs and allow us to better use taxpayers’ dollars. In addition to saving money, the city anticipates that this plan will provide, in many cases, additional benefits such as an improved working environment; savings on building maintenance; an improvement in building value; and, increased community goodwill through environmental stewardship.

Employees are encouraged to support this effort by (a) turning off unneeded equipment, (b) turning lights off when they leave their offices for meetings and at the end of the workday, (c) using power management (sleep) features on computer monitors, (d) setting back thermostats at night and over the weekend, and (e) sharing their own ideas for conservation with environmental quality and public works’ energy management team at energy@lexingtonky.gov. For more information, refer to CAO Policy 39: Policy on Energy Efficiency.

CAO Policy 39: Policy on Energy Efficiency

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