Computer use policy

Computer hardware and software represent key elements in the information management strategy of the urban county government (“city”). The city’s monetary investment in computer technology is significant, and the value of data stored on computer systems is considerable. Employees who use the city’s computer equipment and software shall take all reasonable and necessary precautions to prevent damage to such equipment and software.

The city recognizes that the number of employees requiring access to computer hardware and software to complete their work efficiently continues to grow. CAO Policy 25: Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Computer Policy will (a) maximize the benefits the city receives from its investment in computer technology, (b) protect valuable equipment, software, and data from loss or damage by establishing security standards and, (c) enhance the productivity of those who use the network. For complete policy details on computer acquisition, use and support, employees may refer to CAO Policy 25.


All data stored on media owned by the city is the property of the city. Access to such data shall be limited to those employees who require such access for the performance of their assigned duties. Said employees shall take all necessary and reasonable measures to protect that data from loss, corruption, and unauthorized disclosure.


The city does not monitor electronic mail conversations, but reserves the right to do so consistent with the provision of this policy and the law.

Group emails

Employees and officials upon authorization from the commissioners of the agency that employs the user, the user’s division directors, or the chief administrative officer, shall send email to groups of users, including mailings to all city users only when the subject is directly related to city business or the health and safety of the recipients. Group mailings are SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED for commercial, charitable, recreational, or personal purposes regardless of content.

Internet access

Computer services may monitor and document all user access to the internet. Information technology or division directors, with the concurrence of the computer systems manager, may authorize bona-fide contractors to access the internet through the city if such access is required for maintenance purposes or to permit such contractor to perform tasks required by the applicable contract. The city in general cannot protect users from receiving material they may find offensive; however, participation in vulgar, sexual, or any type of harassment, intimidation, or annoyance will not be tolerated in any fashion. Users are strongly encouraged to use the same personal and professional courtesies and considerations in any form of internet access as they would in other forms of communication.

Violation of the computer policy may lead to disciplinary action under appropriate section(s) of the uniform disciplinary code.

Observed policy violations by city employees or officials may be reported to

CAO Policy 25: Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Computer Policy

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