Eligibility requirements

Thinking of applying to the Lexington Police Department? Serving the community can be challenging at times, but also very rewarding. Below are the requirements to become a police recruit.

For additional information, contact a Lexington Police Recruiter: 

Email: joinlexpd@lexingtonpolice.ky.gov
Call: (859) 425-2325
Text: "joinlexpd" to (859) 658-1414

Minimum requirements for police recruits


  • Be  20*- 40 years old at the filing deadline.
    * Candidates can be at least twenty years of age as long as they will be twenty-one years old when they graduate from the Lexington Police Training Academy. 



  • Be U.S. Citizen.


Criminal Conduct

  • Not prohibited by federal or state law from possessing a firearm.
  • Not been convicted of a serious misdemeanor within 12 months prior to the application deadline date or during the hiring process.
  • Never been convicted of a felony
  • Not used or purchased any illegal drugs within twelve (12) months of the application filing deadline or at any point thereafter. Illegal drugs also include prescription drugs prescribed to someone other than the applicant, and for which the applicant does not have a prescription. (Prescription drugs, as used herein, are those drugs which have been classified as a scheduled drug by law or statue).


Driver’s License

  • Have a valid driver's license.



  • High School diploma, or GED certificate. 


Work History

  • Not been fired or forced to resign within 12 months preceding application
  • Not had certification as a peace officer permanently revoked in another state
  • Not received a dishonorable discharge, a bad conduct discharge or discharged with other than honorable conditions from any branch of the United States military.


Additional eligibility standards

The preservation of standards of honesty, integrity and moral character are paramount to the success of the Lexington Police Department. In an effort to preserve these standards, the criteria listed below have been established relative to the application process. These criteria detail circumstances which may result in the administrative removal of an applicant from the Lexington Police Department hiring process. The criteria detailed below is not intended to be all encompassing and in no way limits the authority of the Chief of the Police to direct the removal of an applicant from the hiring process.


Applicant Non-Responsiveness

  • Fails to appear as scheduled for any portion of the hiring process.
  • Fails to promptly submit or return any paperwork, phone calls or correspondence as directed.
  • Fails to advise the Background Unit of any change of address or phone number within ten (10) calendar days.



  • Applicant must demonstrate excellent moral character with respect to sobriety, honesty, maturity, loyalty, trustworthiness, reliability, discretion and associates.
  • Applicant must not exhibit biases or intolerances with respect to race, ethnic background, national origin, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, age, disability, cultural group, limited English proficiency, or political affiliation.


Criminal Activity

  • Any pattern or significant individual act of theft.
  • Any fraudulent insurance claims or fraudulent applications for welfare, workers compensation, unemployment compensation or other public assistance programs.
  • Any admission, discovery of a felony offense, as defined by the federal, state or local law of the jurisdiction where the offense occurred.
  • Any admission, discovery of a serious misdemeanor as defined by the federal, state or local law in the jurisdiction where the offense occurred within twelve (12) months of the application filing deadline or at any point thereafter.



  • Discharge or resignation in lieu of discipline from any criminal justice occupation.
  • Any revocation of certification as a peace officer.
  • Have been convicted under any article of the Uniform Code of Military Justice which would be equivalent to a felony or serious misdemeanor under the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS).


Family History

  • Verified or admitted physical abuse of one’s spouse, ex-spouse, child, stepchild, parent, or any other relative or person with whom one lives or has had a relationship.
  • Non-compliance with a court order or legal contract to provide child support, alimony or other financial responsibility as determined by a court of law.
  • Intentional violation of any protective or temporary restraining order as determined by a court of law.



  • At any stage of the background investigation process the applicant provides substantially inconsistent responses pertaining to any portion of the background investigation.
  • At any stage of the background investigation process, the applicant fails to disclose or acknowledge acts or behaviors which are mentioned herein or are not consistent with the expectations and standards of the Lexington Police Department.
  • Refusal to answer or respond to oral or written questions during any phase of the hiring process.
  • Any attempt to use deceptive or test altering actions during the polygraph examination.


Substance Abuse

  • Any cultivation, transportation, manufacturing, distribution or trafficking of illegal drugs or substances or prescription drugs within the past five (5) years or at any point hereafter.
  • Abuse of alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs or chemical agents/solvent-based substances.
  • Providing substantially inconsistent responses as to the frequency, amount, or type of illegal drug(s) purchased or used at any stage of the process.


*For purposes of this standard, the “use” of drugs occurs when an applicant smokes, puffs, ingests, tastes, injects, inhales or otherwise tries any illegal drug, including but not limited to marijuana, cocaine, anabolic steroids, chemical inhalants or prescription drugs not prescribed to the applicant.

*For the purpose of this standard, the “purchase” of marijuana or other illegal drugs include those purchases or trades made with money or other resources and the pooling of money or other resources by the applicant and others for substances for their own use.


Tattoos, Brands and Body Modifications

  • Prior to being presented to the Chief of Police for consideration all applicants must demonstrate compliance with the requirements of General Order 73-5(Current Revision) as it pertains to any tattoos, brands and body modifications.
  • Applicants may not have any tattoo(s), brand(s) or body modification(s) on any portion of their body that is visible while wearing required or optional uniforms (e.g. shorts) or approved business attire that:       
    • Infer sexual, racial, religious, ethnic or related intolerances.
    • Portray derogatory or offensive characterizations contrary to the values of the department.
    • Depict or represent criminally or historically oppressive organizations.
    • Depict any advertisement or endorsement; unless specifically exempted by the Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee.
    • Appear on the hands, neck, above the neck or anywhere on the head, ears, face, mouth, tongue or teeth. (Note: A single ring tattoo around the base of one finger may be permitted to be visible at all times while on duty if approved by the Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee.)
  • Applicants who indicate they will have any tattoos, brands and body modifications compliant with Department standards prior to being presented to the Chief of Police for consideration will be allowed to proceed in the hiring process.


Traffic Violations    

  • Conviction for driving under the influence within the past three (3) years or more than one (1) conviction.
  • The revocation or suspension of ones Operator’s License during the past three (3) years. A court suspension of an operator’s license for failing to make timely payment of a fine will not be a basis for removal from the process if the applicant’s license has been reinstated prior to the application filing deadline.
  • Having been assessed more than six (6) points against ones Operator’s License within the twelve (12) months prior to the application filing deadline or subsequently thereafter being assessed more than six (6) points in total on one’s license.


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