Phase 2: Background & polygraph

Candidates must complete a background booklet. Police recruit candidates who complete Phase 1 of the application process and are selected (any number designated by the Chief of Police) will be scheduled for a pre-polygraph/background interview and polygraph exam. Please ensure you have provided an accurate email address to receive correspondence from the Background Investigation Unit.

Note: Any applicant/candidate who provides false information during any part of the hiring process or makes a misstatement of material fact WILL BE REMOVED from the hiring process. Honesty is paramount and crucial during the hiring process.

Step 1: Pre-polygraph/required documents

To complete the background and polygraph process, there are several documents that you will be required to bring with you to your polygraph exam. These must be the original documents. Failure to provide the proper documentation could result in you being removed from the hiring process. 

You must bring all the original documents to your polygraph exam.

Also, you must upload the following documents into your Applicant Profile within eSOPH.

  1. Birth Certificate: It must be a certified copy. You can find instructions online on how to obtain your certified birth certificate on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Request a copy immediately, as it may take weeks to receive.
  2. Proof of Selective Service Registration: If you are required by law to register with the Selective Service System, you must provide proof you have registered. You can print your record online by going to the Selective Services System website and clicking the "Check Registration" button.
  3. DD214 Long Form: If you are/were in the military, a copy of your DD214 Long Form is required. As well as, any awards or decorations you received.
  4. Transcripts and/or Diplomas: 

    - Diploma or official transcripts from the high school or homeschool you graduated from. 

    - GED certificate.

    - Diploma or transcripts from every college you have attended. You must contact each institution and request an official sealed transcript if you do not have a diploma.

    - The official sealed transcript must be mailed to the Lexington Police Department. The transcripts should be mailed to the attention of the Background Investigations Unit at 150 East Main Street, Lexington, KY 40507.

  5. Court Documents: This includes all documents in all courts where you have been named, regardless of your role in the incident. You are responsible for obtaining and providing the documents from the courts. Your background investigator will conduct multiple searches to verify you have provided all court documents you in which you have been named.  This does not include marriage or divorce documents.
  6. Proof of Auto Registration and Insurance: We will need your current vehicle registration and insurance card. 
  7. Your Driver’s License and/or ID Cards:  All driver’s licenses and identification cards you currently have in your possession.
  8. Your Social Security Card
  9. Name Change Documents (if applicable)
  10. Citizenship Documents (if applicable) 
  11. Any At-Fault Accidents (if applicable)


Step 2: Polygraph examination and background investigation

The department will conduct a polygraph examination and complete a background investigation, including educational and work experience, police record check and reference verification on selected candidates. 

Step 3: Psychological suitability screening

A psychological suitability screening test approved by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council will be conducted on selected candidates.

Step 4: Selection

Upon completion of the background and polygraph process, all components from Phase 1 and Phase 2 shall be reviewed and taken into consideration when recommending candidates for selection to the police training academy.

Step 5: Post offer; pre-employment physical agility exam

Each candidate recommended for selection shall successfully pass a pre-academy physical fitness test. This exam will consist of the same five components given during the pre-employment testing phase. This is an additional requirement solely for LFUCG purposes and, therefore, no retest options are provided.

Step 6: Medical examination

A medical examination will be given to those candidates recommended for appointment by the Police Chief. Those candidates recommended must successfully pass the medical examination. The medical examination will be job-related and will include drug/illegal substance screening, which must be successfully completed before any candidate’s name can be submitted to the Urban County Council for ratification.

In addition, under OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910.1030, all individuals who would possibly be exposed to hepatitis based on their job duties will be offered immunization at no cost after their first day of employment.

The medical examination will also include an assessment to determine if other immunizations are up-to-date. Past immunization records should be brought to the medical examination, and anyone needing other immunizations may obtain such on a voluntary basis. However, such other immunizations will not be the responsibility of the Urban County Government, and the individual candidate must pay any costs incurred.

Any potential employee is subject to a blood-alcohol and other appropriate tests. Candidates reporting for a pre-employment medical examination with a blood alcohol level of .02 or above will be disqualified and not recommended for employment with the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government. 

Step 7: Recommendation

After the requirements above have been met, the Police Chief shall forward their recommendation of selections to the Mayor. The Mayor may accept or reject any recommendation and shall have the sole prerogative to make the final appointments, subject to ratification by the Urban County Council.

Step 8: Police Training Academy

There is no lateral transfer policy into the Lexington Police Department. Everyone must go through the abovementioned procedures. To learn more about the Lexington Police Department Training Academy, visit the link below. 

Police Training Academy