Police recruiting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Lexington Police Officer

1. How long is the hiring process?
The hiring process is 6 – 8 months depending upon the opening and closing dates of a hiring process. This time frame includes Phase I and Phase II and finally the Chief’s selection.

2. How many recruits does the department plan to hire?
As funding permits and when vacancies arise, the department will have an academy to fill the necessary needs of the agency.

3. Do I have to live in Lexington to be hired?
No, there is no form of residency requirement for employment with the Lexington Police Department.

4. Does Lexington Police accept lateral transfers or grant waivers?
All new police recruits must attend the full Police Academy and FTO program. The department does not offer laterals or waivers for previous certified patrol experiences.

5. How long is the academy and is it a live-in dorm?
The Training Academy is held in Lexington by our training staff and is approximately 32 weeks depending upon the time of the year the recruit class is in session. It is nonresidential, which means you will return home after training each day.

6. Will I receive pay and benefits while in the academy?
Yes, see the compensation and benefits page for more information.

7. Is there an age limit to apply to become an officer?
You must be 21 years of age and not have reached your 40th birthday by application filing deadline to apply for a police officer position with the Lexington Police Department.

8. Is there a tattoo policy?
Applicants for the position of police recruit will be required to disclose any and all tattoos and body alterations as part of the application process. The Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee will review the applicant’s tattoo or body alteration and determine whether the applicant will be approved for further consideration in the application process.   See our policy regarding Personal Appearance of Sworn Officers for more information.

9. How long after graduation do I have to wait to be in a specialized unit such as K-9 or Bomb Squad, or be eligible for a detective position?
An officer applying for a vacancy in any Bureau other than patrol must have three (3) years of service from hire date to qualify for the assignment.

An officer applying for a vacancy in a part-time specialized team (i.e.. Honor Guard, Hazardous Devices Unit, Crisis Negotiations Unit, Emergency Response Unit, Air Support Unit and Collision Reconstruction Unit) must have two (2) years of service from hire date to qualify for assignment. The service requirement may be waived for non-probationary officers with demonstrable certification, previous employment, or other qualifications.

10. What is a ride along, and how do I schedule one?
You will be assigned to ride with a Patrol officer as he/she answers calls for service, and you can request the shift you would like to ride. Potential recruits can ride a maximum of three times per year pending availability. Participants must be at least 18 years old and allow at least 2 week’s notice. To schedule a ride along, please contact the recruiter at (859) 425-2325 or contact by email at joinlexpd@lexingtonpolice.ky.gov to schedule a ride along.

11. Do my college hours have to be in the criminal justice field?
No, they can be in general academic studies (i.e., English, math, science, social sciences, etc.) from an accredited college or university. See employment eligibility for more details on this requirement.

12. What should I bring to the written exam?
Please be sure to bring a valid current driver’s license. Pencils, paper and testing materials will be provided. No calculators are permitted. All cells phones need to be left in your car or turned off.

13. When will I receive my test scores for the written examination?
You will receive your test scores immediately after testing.

14. Is there a study guide for the written exam?
There are no study guides available with the Lexington Police Department, but applicants can search online for preparation material for police exams and the National Police Officer Selection Test (NPOST). The NPOST is by Standard & Associates.

15. What do I need to do to physically prepare myself for the Police Training Academy? What are the passing requirements for the Physical Agility Exam?
The Physical Agility Exam is based on the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council Physical Fitness Standards. It is made up of five (5) physical fitness tests. To meet the state standard, an overall minimum of 50 points must be achieved. Failure to meet the overall minimum requirement constitutes a failure for the test battery. The Physical Agility Exam is pass or fail. Watch our video for more information. 

16. What can I expect in the Oral Board?
The oral board is an oral interview. It will consist of questions concerning your previous experience, training and knowledge for successful performance as a police officer. Your ability to convey your thoughts clearly and concisely is a powerful factor for success in your interview.

17. If I'm not selected, can I reapply?
If a candidate is not selected, they are encouraged to reapply if they still meet the eligibility requirements.

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