Planning's mission is to provide a vision and strategy that will allow Lexington to grow and prosper while preserving, protecting, and enhancing existing neighborhoods, downtown and the rural Bluegrass cultural landscape.

If you have a question, comment or concern, email Planning and we’ll get your issue addressed by the right person. 

A message about COVID-19 from Planning

At this time, government buildings are closed to the public in response to COVID-19 and the Governor's order. Until further notice we are not accepting in-person applications and payments. Applications that can be made through Accela may be filed as usual. Payments, including filing fees for applications, and any filing materials that cannot be uploaded can be mailed to the Division of Planning at:

Division of Planning
101 E. Vine St., Suite 700
Lexington, KY 40507

All application materials, including notification letters, can be delivered to the Security desk at the same address.

Applications will not be scheduled for review until payment is received. You may call the Division of Planning at (859) 258-3160 if you have any questions.

Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission

Transportation Planning

For more information about transportation planning in Lexington-Fayette County, as well as the Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, visit the MPO website


Staff Title Phone
Baillie, Hal Planner Senior – Planning Services – Zoning (859) 258-3184
Brown, Pamela Zoning Enforcement Officer (859) 425-2037
Castro, Samantha Planner Senior – Long Range Planning (859) 258-3179
Coy, Grace Planning Technician (859) 258-3152
Cunningham, Stephanie Administrative Specialist – Planning Services (859) 258-3189
David, Joey Planner Senior – Transportation Planning / Lexington Area MPO – Transit (859) 258-3178
Duncan, AICP, James Director (859) 258-3172
Emmons, Jimmy Planner Senior – Transportation Planning / Lexington Area MPO (859) 258-3165
Friedmann, Valerie Planner Senior – Long Range Planning (859) 258-3267
Gallt, Cheryl Planner – Planning Services – New Development / Subdivision Plans (859) 425-2208
Gleason, Kenzie Administrative Officer – Transportation Planning / Lexington Area MPO (859) 258-3605
Hedge, Lauren Planner – Planning Services – New Development / Subdivision Plans (859) 258-3298
Hu, Sam Planner Senior – Transportation Planning / Lexington Area MPO – Congestion Management (859) 258-3053
Jarman, David Planner – Zoning Compliance (859) 258-3885
Jefferson, Elizabeth Administrative Specialist – Long Range Planning  (859) 258-3260
Johnson, Kenna Staff Assistant Senior – Zoning Compliance (859) 258-3261
Kearns, Grover S. Planning Senior (859) 258-3180

Lewis, Donna

Administrative Specialist – Zoning Compliance 

(859) 258-3101

Martin, AICP, Tom Planner Senior – Planning Services – Development / Subdivision (859) 258-3182
Midyett Goderwis, Autumn Planner Senior – Zoning Compliance – BOA (859) 258-3187
Sherwood, Parker Planner - Transportation Planning / Lexington Area MPO (859) 258-3168
Taylor, Christopher Administrative Officer – Long Range Planning (859) 258-3181
Thompson, Philip Scott Planner – Transportation Planning / Lexington Area MPO - Bicycle & Pedestrian (859) 258-3173
Wade, AICP, Traci Manager – Planning Services (859) 258-3183
Walker, Greg Zoning Enforcement Officer (859) 258-3248
Weaver, Lauren Planner Senior – Long Range Planning (859) 258-3170
Whitaker, Pam Administrative Specialist Principal (859) 258-3164
Whittington, Brenda Administrative Specialist – Transportation Planning / Lexington Area MPO (859) 258-3162

Woodall, AICP, Chris

Manager – Long Range Planning

(859) 258-3231

Woods, Deborah Administrative Specialist – Planning Services (859) 258-3185


Imagine Nicholasville Road public hearing

The concept focuses on safety and efficiency for people traveling by car, bus, bike or on foot.

Redevelopment and transportation improvement concepts for Nicholasville available

Imagine Nicholasville Road is a study of the U.S. 27 corridor extending between downtown Lexington and Brannon Crossing, just south of the Fayette-Jessamine Co. line.

Public input sought on Transportation Improvement Program

The Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is seeking public input on the FY 21–24 Transportation Improvement Program.