Current text amendment and subdivision regulation applications

Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments (ZOTAs)

ZOTA 2019-2: ALTERNATIVE REGULATION FOR ZONING MAP AMENDMENT (KRS 100.2111) – Petition for a Zoning Ordinance text amendment to update Article 6 to create an alternative zone change process.


PLN-ZOTA-21-00005: AMENDMENT TO ARTICLES 6 AND 7 FOR NOTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR PLANNING COMMISSION AND BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT HEARINGS – Petition for a Zoning Ordinance text amendment to include the notification of both owners and occupants of properties within the designation notification area for Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment public hearings.


PLN-ZOTA-22-00015: AMENDMENT TO ARTICLES 8, 10, 11, 22, AND 23 TO THE ZONE INTENT STATEMENTS – a petition for a Zoning Ordinance text amendment to update the “intent” statement for numerous zoning categories to more clearly align with the adopted Comprehensive Plan.  Intent statements are included for each zoning category and are meant to explain the location, criteria and/or purpose of the zone.

PLN-ZOTA-22-00019: AMENDMENT TO ARTICLE 8-2(D): ATHLETIC FIELDS AND STRUCTURES – a petition for a Zoning Ordinance text amendment to allow athletic fields and lighting in the Agricultural Buffer (A-B) zone as a conditional use and increase the structure size to 2% of the lot. 


PLN-ZOTA-23-00001: AMENDMENT TO ARTICLES 1, 3 ,8,12, 23, AND 28 TO INCLUDE AND REGULATE SHORT-TERMS RENTALS– a petition to add and regulate short-term rentals.

Subdivision Regulation Amendments (SRAs)

SRA 2021-1: AMENDMENT TO ARTICLES 1 AND 6 TO REVISE STANDARDS FOR STREET PATTERNS & CONTINUITY – petition for an update to Articles 1 and 6 of the Land Subdivision Regulations to revise standards for street patterns and continuity.


Note: Items above will be linked to documents as they become available. Additional information about Urban County Council action or review can be found via Legistar.