Waste Management

Whether it's recyclables that we can use again, yard waste that we can turn into mulch, or items we haul to the landfill, we are always looking for ways to keep the Bluegrass beautiful. Our work is not just about getting rid of things, it's about Lexington's quality of life, its health, and the look of our community.

Collection days

Unlike the previous couple of years, yard waste collections will not be suspended during winter months. Weekly yard waste collections will be made unless bad weather cancels all collections.

2019 holiday collection schedule

Our five-year plan


Recycling center to remain closed for now

Recycle Center will continue to divert material to a landfill until further notice.

Recycling center expected to reopen on Monday

The replacement part needed to solve a mechanical problem with the machine that separates aluminum cans from other materials at the city’s Recycle Center did not arrive on Friday as expected. The part is now scheduled to arrive on Monday morning.

Recycling center to be shut down Thursday, Friday

City's recycling center will be closed Thursday and Friday because of a mechanical problem.