About yard waste


Martin Luther King Day: Monday, January 18
Will be collected: Wednesday, January 20

Additionally, the Electronic Recycling Center, Recycle Center and Haley Pike Waste Management Facility will be closed Saturday, January 16.

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Residents with city waste collection service can dispose of yard waste using their gray roll cart or yard waste bags. Collections are made on the same day as your blue and green carts. If you do not have a gray yard cart, request one by calling LexCall at 311 or (859) 425-2255 or online

When will it be collected

Your yard waste should be placed on the curb no earlier than 4 p.m. the day before your collection and no later than 5 a.m. on the day of your collection. Carts must be removed from the curb by 7 p.m. on your collection day. Find your collection day 

Residents have several options for yard waste.

  • Hold material until collection resumes.
  • Leave grass clippings on your lawn. Leaves can be mulched with a mower and left on the ground. Both grass and mulched leaves help naturally fertilize your lawn. 
  • Start a compost pile. It's probably easier than you think. The same materials that would go in your yard waste bin are great for compost piles. You can even add plant-based food scraps like coffee grounds, banana peels and apple cores. (No meat, cheeses or fatty foods.) Start without the bins so you can stay #HealthyAtHome instead of making an extra trip to a store. Loose piles are fine – or maybe you have supplies in your garage to build some bins.
  • Take the material to Haley Pike Waste Management Facility. No limit and no charge for Fayette Co. residents during the collection suspension. ID required.
  • Put material in your green trash cart. Make sure to limit the material; the lid to your trash cart should close when you set it out for collection.  

Using the gray cart

Material put in the yard waste cart should be loose, not bagged.  

Limbs placed in the cart must not be longer than four feet in length or thicker than six inches in diameter. If the limbs don't fit in the yard cart, they must be bundled with twine and placed on the curb.

Decorations made from plants can be composted. Place carved or whole pumpkins, leaf and berry wreaths and other plant-based decorations in your gray yard waste cart after removing all wires, candles, lights, and other non-organic materials. Christmas trees are collected after the holiday through mid-January. Simply place the tree at the curb for pickup on your regular collection day after removing all lights, tinsel and ornaments.

Yard waste disposed using these methods will be taken to the city’s composting facility and turned into mulch.

Yard waste information flyer

Click on the blue button below to download a printable yard waste information flyer. / Oprima el botón azul abajo para descargar un folleto imprimible. / Cliquez sur le bouton bleu ci-dessous pour télécharger la brochure dépliante imprimable. / أنقرعلى الزر الأزرق أدناه لتحميل النشرة القابلة للطباعة / Bonyesha kifute cha bluu kilicho hapa chini ili upakue karatasi ya maelezo inayoweza kuchapishwa. / 点击蓝色按钮可下载打印文件.

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Other options for those with city collection services

Paper yard waste bags: Yard bag coupons are included in the city’s At Your Service newsletter, which is mailed to your home twice a year. As with yard waste carts, paper yard bags will be picked up on your regular collection day. Yard bag coupons can be used at Chevy Chase Hardware, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Meijer, Kroger and Walmart.  

Vacuum program: The leaf vacuum program begins in early November and runs through late December.

Options for all residents

Haley Pike Facility: All Fayette County citizens can dispose of two pickup truck loads of yard waste at the Haley Pike Waste Management Facility each month at no charge.

Compost: Fayette County residents can also compost at home, turning yard waste and kitchen scraps into a soil nutrient

Mulch giveaway

The city of Lexington gives away mulch from its compost facility a couple times each year. Find out about the next collection. Mulch giveaway