Corrections Training Academy

Candidates that successfully complete the hiring process and are selected for employment with Lexington Community Corrections, will be given a hire date to begin the Training Academy. 

Academy Overview

  • 10-weeks in length
  • Recruits are challenged academically and physically
  • Recruits are required to pass weekly written exams and a comprehensive final exam
  • Recruits are required to pass practical skills tests in defensive tactics and firearms
  • Minimum passing score on all exams is 70% or higher
  • After completing the Academy, the recruit will progress to the Field Training Officer Program

Field Training Officer Phase

This portion of the training is 5-weeks in length and consists of the recruit being paired up with a corrections officer that is certified as a field training officer to give hands-on training to supplement the Academy training. The recruit will be required to demonstrate the job knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful corrections officer prior to the end of the field training officer phase.