Compensation and benefits

Information about the compensation and benefits of working for Community Corrections


Community Corrections officers have numerous employee benefits ranging from health insurance to a free fitness facility.

  • The starting yearly base pay for officers is $50,000. ($24.21 per hour)
  • There are overtime opportunities are available.
  • There are shift differentials. Earn more by working the 2nd or 3rd shift.  $1 on the 2nd shift and $1 on 3rd shift.

Yearly raises are based on the terms outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.

$3,000 hiring incentive for new employees in the following payments:

  • $250 after graduation from the 10-week paid training program
  • $500 three months after graduation
  • $750 six months after graduation
  • $1,500 one year after graduation


  • Health insurance (individual or family coverage)
  • Dental insurance (individual or family coverage)
  • Vision insurance (individual or family coverage)
  • Onsite fitness facility
  • 25 year hazardous duty retirement
  • Five weeks of leave time earned during the calendar year
  • Life insurance
  • Financial Planning

Active military personnel

Active military members will have 15 days of paid military leave.

College Tuition Reimbursement

Up to $1,200 per year tuition reimbursement is available which can be used after probationary status. This must be in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.