Phase 2: Interview | Medical

Oral interview

Candidates who successfully complete the written exam will be scheduled for an oral interview. Many times, the oral Interview can be scheduled for the same day as the written exam. The oral interview will consist of questions concerning your previous work experience, training, and knowledge for successful performance as a corrections officer.  Prior law enforcement experience or education in criminal justice is not required!

The written exam is weighted at 35% of the candidate's final score and the oral interview is weighted at 65%. Once the candidate has completed both the written exam and the oral interview, the final score will be determined and used as a preliminary ranking. 

Medical examination

A medical examination will be given to those candidates recommended for appointment by the director. Those candidates recommended must successfully pass the medical examination. The medical examination will be job-related and will include drug/illegal substance screening, which must be successfully completed before any candidate’s name can be submitted to the Urban County Council for ratification.

In addition, under OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910.1030, all individuals who would possibly be exposed to hepatitis based on their job duties will be offered immunization at no cost after their first day of employment.

The medical examination will also include an assessment to determine if other immunizations are up-to-date. Past immunization records should be brought to the medical examination and anyone needing other immunizations may obtain such on a voluntary basis. However, such other immunizations will not be the responsibility of the Urban County Government and the individual candidate must pay any costs incurred.

Any potential employee is subject to a blood-alcohol and other appropriate tests. Candidates reporting for a pre-employment medical examination with a blood alcohol level at .02 or above will be disqualified and not recommended for employment with the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government.