About Economic Development

Outside of family and health, having a good job is about the most important thing in life. Everyone in the world wants a good job.

Making sure citizens have the opportunity to compete for good jobs here, and that they are ready to compete, is the fundamental goal of our Economic Development program.

We work to bring economic opportunity and growth to Lexington by making investments in our community to improve the quality of life, which in turn attracts good jobs and new economic growth, making new investments again possible.

It’s a continuing cycle that has brought us low unemployment and rising average incomes. More people are employed in Lexington now than at any time in its history.

Economic Development Partners

Industrial Revenue Bonds

Kentucky Business Investment Program

Lexington Jobs Fund

Designated Opportunity Zones

PACE Financing

Tax Increment Financing

One-Stop Shop

Lexington just feels like home

Lexington just feels like home

Lexington is a vibrant community for professionals and their families. Lexington is safe, affordable, and offers excellent educational opportunities.  Lexington is home to several Fortune 500 companies & the University of Kentucky.