Urban Forestry

Urban forestry provides a multitude of benefits for local communities in the form of improving air and water quality, as well as providing social and economic benefits. Growing and maintaining Lexington's urban forest is a community effort. City staff, volunteers and private land owners all play an important role in planting and maintaining our urban forest.

Lexington Tree Board

The Lexington Tree Board is a champion of trees and their environmental, economic and social benefits for our community. We advise public and private organizations on matters of care, preservation, planting, removal and replacement of trees in parks, along streets, in public areas and throughout the community.

Tree Board webpage

Help us manage our Reforest planting sites!

There are more than 20 ‘Reforest the Bluegrass’ sites in Fayette County, covering over 200 acres of land. Invasive plants outcompete our native trees and shrubs reducing overall site diversity and limiting the ecosystem benefits provided by an intact, native woodland.

We need your help managing these sites!

If you are interested in volunteering with us to help manage past Reforest the Bluegrass sites, fill out the application below.

Volunteer application