Spring Break Family Camp, March 27 – April 4


No need to travel for Spring Break fun this year. We’ve got you covered with a series of all-ages events and activities. You can do most of these on your own time – and you can certainly do as many or as few as you’d like. Participate in at least four of the activities and fill out the Spring Break passport for prizes. Passport prizes open to Fayette County residents only.

Download the Spring Break passport

drawing of house with trees, grass and blue flowers with words, "Spring Break Family Camp"

Reforest 5K Run/Walk: March 20 – 28
This is the only event with a fee. John’s Run/Walk Shop organizes the Reforest 5K as a fundraiser for Reforest the Bluegrass, a community tree planting event hosted by the city each year. This year’s run/walk is virtual, and you can complete your 5K wherever you’d like. That said, Hisle Farm Park has a 5K course set up just for this event that would be a fun family adventure. This park has been the site for Reforest the Bluegrass events in past years. It is also where the city’s tree nursery and gravel beds are located. Plus, while you are there, you can check out the orienteering activity the Division of Parks created for Spring Break Family Camp.

Orienteering at Hisle Farm Park: March 27 – April 3
Orienteering is the sport of using a map and a compass to follow a predetermined course. It's a fun way to build your navigation skills. This beginner course is a great way to explore Hisle Farm Park. If you enjoy orienteering, be sure to check out some of Kentucky's permanent orienteering courses

Download the Hisle Farm Park orienteering course 

Geocaching: Ongoing
It’s a real-life treasure hunt! Whether you are new to geocaching or an experienced cacher, you’ll have tons of fun finding the water-themed treasures hidden throughout the city. Collect a token from each of the 12 caches the city has hidden around town, and win a geocache t-shirt! Check out our intro to geocaching video to help you get started.

Live, Virtual Recycle Center Tour: April 2, 10 a.m.
Do you ever ask, “Is this recyclable?” Or, do you wonder why the city accepts some things with a recycle symbol but not others? Get answers to these and many other recycling questions as part of the live, virtual tour of the Lexington Recycle Center. The tour is free, though advanced registration is required. Participants will get to see the sorting process in action – the people and machines. You can also show us items from your house to use for a sorting activity.

Register for the tour

Bird Feeders: Any time!
Attract birds to your yard or local park with a homemade bird feeder. A video tutorial for making several types of bird feeders will be posted soon, along with information on identifying birds commonly found in Lexington in late March/early April.

Video instructions

Bird Walk at Raven Run: March 27 – April 3      
Print or pick up a bird search guide, and take it with you as you hike through the park. See how many of the hidden birds (real and printed) you can find! Can’t make it to Raven Run? Don’t worry. Look for these common birds in your neighborhood

McConnell Springs activity: March 27 – April 3
Visit the park for a Family Adventure Hike! Hike guides can be picked up at the park or printed here. (Coming soon.) Can’t make it to McConnell Springs? Don’t worry. There's also an at-home version of the activity.

Storm drain stenciling/painting: Any time!
Get creative over Spring Break! Find a storm drain near your home. These drains collect the water that runs off lawns, driveways, parking lots and roads. The drains lead to a series of underground pipes that carry the water directly to a local creek. The water isn’t cleaned before it goes to the creek, so we need to keep the water that goes into the drain clean. Picking up after your dog (at home and on walks), picking up litter, keeping the drain clear of leaves and lawn clippings, applying lawn chemicals properly and maintaining your car to prevent fluid leaks are all ways we can help protect local waterways. Help tell your neighbors about the role of storm drains and the importance of clean water by drawing a design on the storm drain with chalk. If you love your artwork and want to do it in paint, send a picture along with location information to LiveGreen@lexingtonky.gov. We can work on getting it approved for you.

Make a compost bin: Any time!
Grab a couple of plastic tubs, a cordless drill with a small bit, shredded paper and red wrigglers to make an easy compost bin. Worm bins work well indoors or out. Check out this video to learn about composting and the red wigglers that will turn your food scraps into black gold. Remember to only compost plant materials like fruit and veggie scraps. Meats, cheese, oils and highly processed foods shouldn’t go in your compost bin. These items are more difficult to break down and can cause your compost to smell and attract pests. More compost information can be found lexingtonky.gov/compost.

Explore Karst! 
Kentucky is one of the most famous karst areas of the world. Karst landscapes have several unique features such as caves, springs, and sinkholes which can be seen right here in Lexington.  Journey with water on the Race the Trace Tour and see where Lexington connects underground. Take the virtual tour or venture out and visit the tour stops in person.