Geocaching challenge

Are you someone who fancies the idea of finding hidden treasure? If so, you can test out your treasure-hunting skills with the Department of Environmental Quality and Public Works’ Geocaching program.

Using a GPS-enabled device like a handheld GPS receiver or a smartphone, skilled and amateur detectives alike can, by using published coordinates, locate treasures we have hidden for you. The treasure will be inside a geocache, a hidden container with a logbook where you sign your name as proof you found it.

You only need a GPS-enabled smartphone and a free online account through New to geocaching? Check out our intro video to help you get started. Should you come across an empty cache, let us know. We will get it restocked and send you the missing prize.

Our water-themed adventure

Participate in one of our real-world, outdoor treasure hunts to learn about water quality topics throughout Lexington. This search consists of 8 hidden geocaches that draw attention to water issues throughout Lexington. In addition, this adventure aims to highlight infrastructure projects, local creeks, and water-related points of interest.  

These water-themed locations – listed below – cover a broad range of water quality topics and infrastructure, for example, places related to Lexington’s Stormwater Incentive Grant Program, our annual Reforest the Bluegrass tree planting event, and the Community Environmental Academy. Visit all 8 sites to learn about what Lexington is doing and what you can do to keep our local water clean as you discover new areas of Lexington. Each cache contains a unique collectable button!

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Our caches

Only Rain Down The Drain
Coordinates: N 38° 01.324    W 084° 27.570 
Geocache code: GC8AGFP

A Home for Stormwater
Coordinates: N 38° 02.371     W 084° 33.294 
Geocache code: GC8A0AX

The Steamy Pot
Coordinates: N 38° 06.187     W 084° 29.871
Geocache code: GC89QTY

Don't Take it for Granted
Coordinates: N 38° 02.144     W 084° 32.659
Geocache code: GC8B5EX

6,000 Trees in 2019
Coordinates: N 38° 04.352     W 084° 23.297 
Geocache code: GC8A0BK

Water Quality Oasis
Coordinates: N 38° 03.387     W 084° 31.835
Geocache Code: GC8BGYX

Not Just Bricks
Coordinates: N 38° 02.789     W 084° 28.588
Geocache Code: GC8C1YV

Dantlzer Greenspace Adventure 
Coordinates: N 38° 01.464 W 084° 31.093
Geocache Code: GC9EY83

If you find a geocache that is out of buttons, email the details of the time, date and location to

Our public greenway adventure

This is our new geocache series! We’ve hidden 8 geocaches all around Lexington that highlight our public greenways. Discover water quality lots, stream restoration spaces, pollinator gardens, and more, all while visiting some of the city’s best hidden natural areas. There may even be a greenway in your neighborhood that you’ve never explored!

Each hidden cache contains a unique magnet to collect. Grab all 8 and win a prize! Email us at or tag us at @LiveGreenLex with a photo of your collection once you find them all. Our public greenway locations are listed below.

Link to Map

Link to GPS

Our public greenway caches

Coldstream Greenway
Coordinates: N 38° 06.092     W 084° 29.521
Geocache Code: GCA62BX

Deauville Greenway
Coordinates: N38° 03.200     W 084° 32.850
Geocache Code: GCA62EZ

Eureka Springs Greenway
Coordinates: N 37° 59.725     W 084° 27.274
Geocache Code: GCA62C4

Falling Leaves Greenway
Coordinates: N 38° 00.879     W 084° 23.877
Geocache Code: GCA61QT

Goodrich Greenway
Coordinates: N 38° 00.931     W 084° 31.357
Geocache Code: GCA61RP

Mable Lane Greenway
Coordinates: N 38° 05.329     W 084° 32.541
Geocache Code: GCA62G3

Sunningdale Greenway
Coordinates: N 38° 01.340     W 084° 24.058
Geocache Code: GCA61Q0

Sweet Clover Greenway
Coordinates: N 38° 00.804     W 084° 24.155
Geocache Code: GCA61QC