Public Input Subcommittee


The purpose of this subcommittee is to review, update and improve the public input process for the Urban County Council making it easier for residents to access information and engage with Council.

Scope of Work

  1. Review and modernize the current public input process for meetings of the Urban County Council.
  2. Review and update the current public input resident guidelines and expectations to improve flow and ease of understanding.
  3. Research and select an engagement platform for implementation in the upcoming budget year (FY24).
  4. Create a marketing and education plan for our residents to explain any changes to the process.
  5. Provide periodic updates to the General Government and Planning Committee at key points in the process.

Subcommittee Members and Staff

Subcommittee Members:
Hannah LeGris, Chair, 3rd District Council Member
Dan Wu, Vice Mayor
Chuck Ellinger II, At-Large Council Member
Shayla Lynch, 2nd District Council Member
Liz Sheehan, 5th District Council Member

Stacey Maynard, Council Administrator
Jennifer Sutton, Council Research Analyst
Hannah Eiden, 3rd District Legislative Aide
Michael Cravens, Department of Law
Ashleigh Bailey, Department of Law
Nick Brock, Digital Content Administrator
Hailey Salyers, Video Production Producer