Public comment

Lexington residents are welcome to speak at meetings with public comment as an agenda item. People who wish to speak must attend the meeting in person and sign up at the kiosks outside the doors of the council chamber. If you have materials you wish to give to the council, you can leave them in the tray next to the sign-up kiosks. 

Council Guidelines for Public Engagement

LFUCG Council Guidelines for Public Engagement

Please silence cell phones and keep conversation levels at a minimum.

Public comment process

  1. Meetings: Public comment is encouraged and is listed as an agenda item at every regular council meeting and council work session for items on the agenda and general comments.
  2. Sign-In: Residents wishing to speak during public comment should sign in prior to the start of the meeting at which they want to speak. There are digital sign-in sheets outside of the council chamber for electronic sign-in, and they will be available for sign-in 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting and 30 minutes after the start of a council work session or regular council meeting.
  3. Materials: If a speaker has materials for council, they should be placed in the tray marked “materials for council” on the public comment table outside of the council chamber. Materials will be distributed to the council by a council staff member. No USB devices will be accepted.
  4. Time: Each speaker is allowed three minutes. Members of the public who have signed up to speak may yield their three minutes, when present, to another member. One speaker is allowed up to nine minutes, including time yielded.
  5. How-to: When called to speak, individuals should start by stating their name and council district. At work sessions, there is an agenda item for public comment for issues on the agenda, and public comment about items on the agenda should be offered at that time. Public comments for issues not on the agenda are allowed at the end of the meeting. At council meetings, public comment will be at the end of the agenda.


Public participation

  1. Dialogue: Public comment is a time for the mayor and council members to listen to residents and receive verbal feedback for informational purposes only. Public comment is not a time for council members to engage in a dialogue with residents.   
  2. Political Purposes: The public comment period will not be used to make political endorsements or for political campaign purposes.
  3. Decorum: Speakers shall exercise decorum during debate, conduct themselves in a courteous manner and refrain from using unbecoming, derogatory or abusive language and making personal attacks.
  4. Disruptions: Disruptions in support or opposition to a speaker or idea, such as clapping, cheering, booing or hissing, are not permitted in the council chamber.
  5. Signs & Posters: No signs or posters that disrupt camera angles, the view of the audience, or inhibit the function of the meeting are allowed.
  6. Security: For security reasons, no person except the mayor, mayor’s staff, council members, aides, council staff or anyone relevant to the meeting shall be permitted beyond the podium or designated staff areas at any time.
  7. Removal: Any person who engages in or makes threats of physical violence shall be immediately removed from the meeting.

Any failure to adhere to these guidelines by any member of the public may result in loss of the public comment privilege at the meeting and/or removal from the meeting, as appropriate, at the discretion of the presiding officer.

These guidelines are provided for the orderly and civil conduct of City Council meetings. These guidelines apply to both the public comment period and legislative public hearings before the Urban County Council, unless otherwise provided.