What is a greenway?

Greenways are corridors of land and water that serve as connectors for wildlife and people.

  • Lexington has a comprehensive greenway network that the city manages.

Trail greenways

  • These public trails are designed to connect people to each other and key places like parks, schools or shopping areas. 
  • They are great for strolls and wildlife watching.

Conservation greenways

  • These are naturalized areas with native grasses and wildflowers.
  • Their primary purpose is to protect and improve water quality and wildlife habitat.

Living by a public greenway

You get the natural and social benefits of this amenity right next door. Help us take care of it. It’s easy!

  • ENJOY the public greenspace.
  • KNOW where your property line is located.
  • DO NOT MOW or alter greenways.
  • DO NOT INSTALL personal property (i.e., play equipment, fences, gardens) on public land unless you have an encroachment agreement.

How to check property lines

You can confirm the location of your property lines by looking at the Property Value Administrator’s parcel map. Visit the PVA Office's site and enter your address at the top of the page.

Related information

Master Plan

Offers recommendations for a greenway system that will provide opportunities for protection and enhancements.