Planting Manual

The 2015 Planting Manual was written to provide information to the community to assist in the installation of plant materials in the public right-of-way, on private property, and in open spaces. The current manual supersedes the prior 1983 Planting Manual with current information and practices which have been brought about in part by new ordinances or regulations. It reflects current horticultural practices as well as local availability of landscape materials. In its preparation,emphasis  has been placed on the following concepts:

  • All plant materials should be hardy and as trouble-free as possible.
  • You are encouraged to use native species.
  • Use species that are tolerant of urban conditions.
  • Plants that overgrow areas need to be replaced with smaller species. Do not use plant material that is short-lived and/or has a tendency to cause problems such as damage to underground utilities.
  • Do not use invasive species.

Planting manual