Community Corrections

Trinity offers several methods of deposit to an account:

  1. Kiosks in the lobby accept cash, debit and credit cards
  2. Online deposit via, and
  3. By calling 1 (866) 394-0490 and using a credit or debit card to post money

Hiring Process open

Community Corrections hiring process is currently open. For more information please visit our webpage Careers with Community Corrections. After learning about the positions, you can apply online.

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Inmate visitation hours vary depending on the day. There are also strict rules that all visitors must follow.

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Mayor names Major Lisa Farmer as jail director

She's a Corrections professional who has worked her way up the ladder at Lexington’s Detention Center.

Mayor makes calls between inmates and attorneys free

Mayor Linda Gorton today reversed a new policy at the detention center that unintentionally caused inmates to have pay for phone calls and video conferences in order to talk to their attorneys.

Jail suspends inmate visitation

This morning, the Lexington Division of Community Corrections suspended all inmate visitation.