Bird Watching

Lexington is home to a variety of species of birds as well as a destination stop for many birds in migration. There are wonderful locations around the city that are ideal for bird watching. Additionally, our Natural Areas department often organize bird walks at city parks throughout the year. Below are some of the most popular locations for birdwatching in Lexington.

Hisle Farm Park

The 280-acre former farm has mostly open grass habitat with a few small woodlots and farm ponds. A variety of grassland sparrows as well as bobolinks can be seen here.

Jacobson Park

This 216-acre park includes open grass areas, small forested areas and reservoir habitats. The heavily used park provides year-round birding opportunities and is good place to see and hear spring and fall migrants, winter waterfowl, as well as birds of prey such as bald eagle and osprey. The eBird tally of this park is 187 species.

McConnell Springs Park

The 26-acre natural area park has 2-miles of easy trails. It is mostly forested with a small meadow area and wetland. This is a good park to view migrant song birds in the spring and fall. The eBird tally for the park is 146 species.

Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

Raven Run Nature Sanctuary is comprised of over 700 acres that include forest, meadow and stream-side habitats. The park is a good place to see and hear speciality warblers, like the prairie warbler. The Henslow sparrow also nests in the large meadow areas. Raven Run is also known for its exceptional spring wildflowers. The eBird tally of this park is 132 species.

The Arboretum

The State Botanical Garden of Kentucky has a nice mix of forest, meadow and garden habitats. Bird viewing is good year-round. In the spring and fall many migratory song birds can be spotted. The arboretum boasts 2 miles of easy trails.

Veterans Park

This 235-acre park has open grass, forested and stream-side habitats as well as ball fields and playgrounds. Spring and fall migrants as well as year-round residents can be found at this multi-use park.