Hisle Farm Park

Hisle Farm Park is approximately 280 acres of rolling pasture land located five miles northeast of downtown Lexington.

It features a 10-lane target archery range with two permanent targets. Archers are welcome to bring their commercially purchased archery targets to use on one of the other eight shooting lanes.

Hisle Farm Park also boasts a shared use trail. The trails system features two trails, 1 and 2.5 miles in length, and is open to horse riders and hikers.

Bicycles are not permitted. Pets are welcome but must be leashed.


Hisle Farm Park is home to an archery range.

Archery instructor certification course
Participants will receive a Level 1 Archery Instructor Certification after completing this 8-hour course. Participants must attend the full-day session to qualify for certification. The course will consist of class lectures, book work, hands-on skills, and teach/reteach scenarios. 

All equipment will be provided. Participants are asked to provide their own lunch/snacks. 

Dates TBD

Archery range rules

  • Use of the range is permitted only when the park is open during daylight hours.
  • NO BROADHEADS, CROSSBOWS or FIREARMS are permitted on this range.
  • Children under age 16 must be supervised by an adult.
  • Safe practices must be used at all times. This includes:
    • ALL spectators shall remain behind the waiting line.
    • ALL equipment used on range shall be in good, working order. Broken or damaged equipment is a safety hazard.
    • Keep arrows in quiver until ready to shoot.
    • NEVER notch an arrow unless on the shooting line facing down range.
    • NEVER point a bow and arrow at another person; ONLY down range.
    • NEVER shoot arrows into the air or across range; always use the targets in your shooting range.
    • NEVER notch or shoot arrows while another archer is retrieving arrows.
    • Always WALK to retrieve arrows; NO running or horseplay on range.
  • No alcohol is permitted in park or on range.
  • Dogs and other pets are NOT permitted on the range.
  • Parking permitted in designated areas only.
  • Please dispose of all trash properly.
  • Please treat other archers and their equipment with respect.
  • LFUCG is not responsible for injuries or damages as authorized by KY State Recreational Users Statute KRS KY 411.190

Hisle Park equestrian trails

The park trail system features two trails, a 1 mile and 2.5 miles in length, and is open to horse riders and hikers. 

Trail Rules:

  • Trail is open to hikers and horses ONLY (no bikes)
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited
  • Leash pets and remove all waste
  • Pack out all trash and dispose in receptacles
  • No motorized vehicles permitted
  • Always wear proper safety gear and appropriate attire
  • Stay on trail, do not widen or take shortcuts
  • Do not trespass on private property
  • Trail closed when conditions are muddy

LFUCG is not responsible for injuries or damages as authorized by KY State Recreational Users Statute KRS KY 411.190

Trail etiquette:

  • Treat other users with respect
  • Hikers yield to horses
  • Keep to the right and pass on the left
  • Announce your intention to pass
  • Move to the edge of the trail if you stop
  • To report problems or vandalism, call (859) 288-2900

Tips for hikers:

When meeting a horse on the trail:

  • Stop and calmly greet the rider
  • Ask if you are okay where you are or await instructions
  • Do not hide or remove the backpack
  • Stand quietly and allow the horse to pass
  • Do not try to touch the horse

Tips for riders:

  • Make sure your horse has a temperament for riding shared trails (Example: red ribbon on tail for horses that tend to kick)
  • Advise other trail users of your horse's temperament
  • If stopped, let others know when it's safe to pass your horse
  • Do not widen trail if water or mud is encountered
  • Keep trailhead and parking area free of manure