Workplace violence

The city does not tolerate workplace violence or the threat of violence by any of its employees, customers, the general public, or anyone who conducts business with the city. The city will strive to provide a safe workplace that is free from intimidation, threats, and violent acts.

Each incident of violent behavior shall be reported to the victim/witness’ immediate supervisor or next level of supervision. The supervisor of an employee aggressor shall also be notified. In critical incidents in which a serious threat or injury occurs, emergency responders such as Division of Police and the Division of Fire and Emergency Services shall be immediately notified.

Employees who, in good faith, report actual or suspected violent behavior shall not be subject to any form of retaliation or harassment. The names of employees reporting acts of violence shall be kept confidential to the extent possible. Any retaliation or harassment, however, shall be reported by the employees to their supervisor or the next level of supervision for investigation and disposition.

Even in the case where an employee has not secured a court order but fears for his or her safety, the employee should notify the Division of Police immediately and should inform his or her immediate supervisor.

For more information, refer to CAO Policy 34: Policy on Violence in the Workplace.

CAO Policy 34: Policy on Violence in the Workplace