Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance is available to LFUCG employees through Star Robbins & Company/Transamerica. 

Whole Life insurance is permanent coverage and does not go away like ‘term’ life does. This unique plan will allow all eligible LFUCG employees to participate on a guaranteed issue basis (no medical questions). 

Benefits will also be available for spouses, children and grandchildren on a contingent guaranteed issue basis, which means minimal medical questions will be asked. 

At age 65, policy owners will have the option of taking a cash payout or having the life benefit paid up with no additional premiums due. If an employee is over age 55, this plan is still available but will have a later paid up option.

Plan information

Transamerica whole life summary

Transamerica whole life flyer 

To enroll in whole life insurance, contact Star Robbins & Company at (800) 486-7721.


How to file a claim

For claims support, contact Star Robbins & Company at (800) 486-7721.