Salary supplements

LFUCG provides employees with a variety of salary supplements and other allowances, the most common of which are listed below.

24-hour standby status

Civil service employees in Computer Services, the Lexington Police Department, Fire and Emergency Services, Community Corrections and Enterprise Solutions who are exempted from statutory overtime requirements shall receive additional compensation at a rate as approved by ordinance for any pay period during which said employees are required to be on twenty-four (24) hour standby status for the emergency servicing of computer equipment.

By July 1 of each fiscal year, each affected division shall submit to the director of Human Resources a listing of employees and the specific pay periods they will be required to serve on the twenty-four (24) hour standby status.

Commercial Driver's License

Civil service employees required by their job duties to hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) shall receive additional compensation at a rate as approved by ordinance so long as they hold a position requiring the CDL. This supplement reflects the additional responsibility and scrutiny required to qualify for and maintain the CDL.

On-call and call-back

Any civil service employee who is officially designated as on-call shall receive additional compensation at a rate as approved by ordinance.

Any on-call employees who are called back to work shall be compensated for a minimum of two hours. See On-Call/Call-Back Policy for more information.

High-risk positions

The director of Human Resources may, with the approval of the chief administrative officer and subject to sufficient funding, authorize a salary supplement as approved by ordinance to full-time non-sworn employees under the following terms and conditions.

A full-time non-sworn employee shall be deemed to be in a high-risk position when cumulatively, the majority of the employee's work and duties are performed under conditions that could result in serious illness, severe personal injury, or a substantial endangerment to health when exposed to minimally controllable or hazardous conditions, notwithstanding preventative efforts such as training, skills, abilities, protective equipment, or engineered controls as required by OSHA.

The director of Human Resources, after desk audits of positions identified as having high physical demands or hazardous working conditions in the current position classification system, shall identify those employees whose positions qualify them for the high-risk job pay supplement.

The directors of the divisions in which these positions are identified shall be responsible for tracking employees in positions that qualify for this supplement.

Employees in positions that qualify for this supplement do not qualify for hazardous duty retirement.

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