Lexington Parks & Recreation Partnerships

What is a partnership? 

Lexington Parks & Recreation is seeking partnerships to expand resources for recreation opportunities, improve service delivery and enhance the amenities offered at our facilities.

A partnership is a working relationship with another organization that has compatible values and goals that results in mutual benefits. The partnership may be formed around a single activity or event or it may be long-term and multi-faceted.

Partnerships & public benefits

A partner is an individual, organization or group that, through a written agreement, provides a benefit to Lexington Parks & Recreation and in exchange, gets some benefit from Lexington Parks & Recreation. These may include for-profit or non-profit agencies, and individuals noted below:

a. Individuals who can provide money, services or time;

b. Businesses or corporations who provide money, time, people and other goods or services;

c. Social service or community partners who provide people or services;

d. Non-profit partnership similar to social service or community partners;

e. Volunteer/neighborhood partnerships – park-sponsored volunteer opportunities and “Friends of” groups who provide volunteer time, money and other resources.

Partnership with Community Centers

We are currently seeking community center partnership interest applications for the Castlewood, Dunbar and Kenwick Community Centers. Please review the documents below and then complete the Partnership Interest Application.


Complete partnership interest application

  • The proposed activity and partnership agreement must meet all applicable city, state and federal rules and regulations. All private, for-profit entities and non-profit entities must have a minimum $1 million certificate of insurance that names the City of Lexington as additionally insured and must comply with all business licensing requirements as prescribed by the Lexington Division of Revenue. A copy of the certificate of insurance must be included with the application.


  • Proposals are reviewed on a regular basis for Castlewood, Dunbar and Kenwick Community Centers.
  • If a partnership proposal aligns with a specific season (i.e. spring or fall), please submit it six weeks in advance of that timeframe.

For questions or to schedule a Community Center tour, contact Laura Hatfield, Superintendent for Community Engagement, at (859) 288-2921 or lhatfield@lexingtonky.gov.