Waller Ave. property owners meeting – Infill and Redevelopment Steering committee

May 9, 2022, 7 – 8 p.m.

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Waller Corridor property owners presentation.

This meeting is for certain property owners near the 200 block of Waller Ave and is being held by the Infill and Redevelopment Steering Committee.

The Infill and Redevelopment Steering Committee (I/R Committee) is composed of community members and government officials appointed by Lexington’s Vice Mayor. The goal of the Committee is to monitor and support infill and redevelopment initiatives to help increase the amount of housing in Lexington. Further information on the I/R Committee can be found online.

The I/R Committee is hosting this meeting to discuss the potential of re-zoning for certain properties near the 200 block of Waller Ave.

Recently, LFUCG conducted a study and created a plan for the Nicholasville Corridor called Imagine Nicholasville Road. This plan includes recommendations for transportation and land use improvements, and these properties are within the study area. The I/R Committee wants to explore opportunities for improving the zoning on these properties to increase its POTENTIAL for FUTURE redevelopment.

The Committee wants to hear your thoughts on the future of the area, and your feedback about a possible government sponsored rezoning of your property.  These are preliminary discussions to gauge interest and to inform next steps. No official action has been taken at this time.