Floodplains and flood management

Knowing about floodplains and flood management is essential when planning and building in Fayette County. The LFUCG works in coordination with FEMA on flood planning, mapping and preparedness.  

How to determine if your property is at risk for flooding

To view a map that shows the risks of flooding in your area, go to either the FEMA Map Information Exchange, the LFUCG Flood Hazard Zone Viewer or contact Planning.

If you're buying a home, don't count on your realtor to tell you about any potential flood risk; realtors are often unaware of such issues.  

And be aware that, just because a property has not experienced a flood in the past, it doesn't mean that it won't in the future.

The National Flood Insurance Program offers flood insurance to help you protect the life you’ve built and recover more quickly after a flood. For more information, visit floodsmart.gov.

Floodplain planning, zoning and regulation

In Lexington, management of floodplain areas is regulated by Article 19 of the Zoning Ordinance, in conjunction with the FEMA requirements for floodplain management.

Local floodplain regulations are also required to be in compliance with the Kentucky Division of Water. In addition, the Environmental and Green Infrastructure Element of the Comprehensive Plan outlines how floodplains have been incorporated into the preserved Greenway system throughout our community.

Planning staff reviews each plan that is filed for new development with an eye toward the location of any nearby floodplain areas, ensuring that all applicable regulations are met and environmentally sensitive areas are maintained.

Protection from water runoff

One of the means by which LFUCG carries out its commitment to preserving Lexington's natural resources is through its Stormwater Management Program.

Stormwater is the rain and snow that runs off rooftops, sidewalks, roads, and other surfaces that are impervious, or unable to absorb water.

Because new development in an area can add to the amount of impervious surface, it is important for the divisions of Planning, Engineering, and Water Quality to work together to mitigate any additional runoff. By requiring developers, builders, and contractors to follow the regulations set forth in the LFUCG Stormwater Manual and use Best Management Practices, LFUCG protects property owners from flooding caused by changes in runoff flow.

More information

The LiveGreenLexington site offers a great deal of information about stormwater control programs, compliance requirements, flooding, and education and outreach programs.

Flood insurance information

As a participating community in the Federal Flood Insurance Program, the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government provides many services related to flood hazard information on properties located in Fayette County.

This information can be vital to your interests regarding:

  • Mandatory federally subsidized flood insurance requirements for mortgage loans on property within federally designated Flood Hazard Areas;
  • Optional federally subsidized flood insurance available to any Fayette County resident; and
  • Obtaining information for prospective home buyers, business interests, and other interested parties regarding flooding potential on properties.

Copies of Elevation Certificates are available for certain properties in Fayette County.

Preparation & Recovery