Sustainability is an ongoing process that involves buy-in at multiple levels – individuals, businesses, educational institutions, local and national governments.

At the heart of sustainability is the goal of meeting needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. It’s not only about the environment but also people and the economy.

A sustainable community is a more resilient community, better positioned to quickly and justly meet the challenges presented by a changing climate, economic instability, pandemics and other disruptors.

In 2022, LFUCG hired its first sustainability manager to lead holistic, coordinated, long-term efforts related to sustainability. Learn about some of our sustainability initiatives below.


Bike Month event hosts needed

Lexington will celebrate its third annual Bike Month in May, and we need you to help make it a success.

Celebrate Earth Hour with the Lexington community

Give sixty minutes to our planet this Saturday during Earth Hour, an opportunity to participate in volunteering, learning or helping others improve the earth. Earth Hour is celebrated worldwide on Saturday, March 23.

Initiative, funding opportunities announced to grow Lexington’s tree canopy

The City of Lexington is excited to introduce a new project called Lex Grow Trees. Its goal is to make Lexington's tree population healthier and bigger.