Breaks and rest periods

Meal breaks

Employees shall be provided a reasonable period of at least 30 minutes for meal breaks as close to the middle of their scheduled work shifts as possible. In no case will employees be required to take a meal break sooner than three hours or later than five hours after their work shift commences.

Meal breaks are without pay. Employees should contact their supervisors for scheduling meal breaks.

Lunch on the run

"Lunch on the run" status is voluntary and shall meet the requirements of CAO Policy 6: Flextime. Lunch on the run shall not be a permanent schedule unless required by an employee’s position and job duties.

Rest periods

Employees shall be provided a rest period of at least 10 minutes during each four hours the employees work. These rest periods are in addition to their regularly scheduled meal breaks. Rest periods are paid time. Employees should contact their supervisors for scheduling rest periods.

Lactation breaks

The purpose of this policy is to provide LFUCG employees who are nursing with a private place and reasonable break time to express breast milk for nursing children for up to one year after the birth. However, this policy does not prohibit division directors from extending the provision of reasonable and flexible break times each day for this activity for a period longer than one year after the birth of a child.

Before returning to work after the birth of a child, an LFUCG employee who intends to take lactation breaks shall contact their supervisor to provide notice of such intent and to request an area to express breast milk in the workplace during normal business hours. The break time if possible, shall run concurrently with rest periods and meal breaks already provided to the employee. If the break time cannot run concurrently with rest periods and meal breaks already provided, or if additional time is needed, the employee may use available leave time. If leave time is unavailable, then additional time may be considered as leave without pay (LWOP) or the supervisor may allow the employee to make up the additional time. In the case of non-exempt employees, time shall be made up within the same workweek. For more information, refer to CAO Policy 51: Lactation Policy.

Department of Labor
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