Adoption leave

Pursuant to KRS 337.015, upon written request, every employee shall be granted reasonable personal leave not to exceed six weeks when the reception of an adoptive child under the age of 10 is the reason for such request.

Code of Ordinances, section 21-37(f) states that personal leave for this purpose shall mean accrued vacation leave as defined in the Code of Ordinances, section 21-33, accumulated holiday leave as defined in the Code of Ordinances, section 21-38, or leave of absence without pay as defined in the code of ordinances, section 21-37. This section shall not apply to an adoption by a fictive kin, stepparent, stepsibling, blood relative, including a relative of half-blood, first cousin, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, and a person of a preceding generation as denoted by prefixed grand, great, or great-great, or a foster parent who adopts a foster child already in an employee’s care. Family and Medical Leave (FMLA leave) and Paid Parental Leave (PPL) do not have these restrictions.

Adoption leave runs concurrently with any other paid or unpaid leave provided by the city, including but not limited to PPL, FMLA leave, Administrative leave or Council leave; however, an employee who does not qualify for those leave types may still qualify for Adoption leave.

An employee who wishes to utilize adoption leave shall follow the usual and customary procedures for requesting Family and Medical Leave. For more information, including a link to the most up-to-date Request for Family and Medical Leave form, see the Family and Medical Leave section of the LFUCG Employee Handbook.

For more information, contact the human resources benefits section at (859) 258-3030 or

For questions about time reporting codes, contact the division of Accounting, payroll section at (859) 258-3034 or

KRS 337.015 Leave of absence for employee to receive adoptive child.
Code of Ordinances, Sec. 21-37. - Leave of absence. (f). – Leave of absence (Adoption Leave)

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