Addressing Office

The Addressing Office assigns, changes and verifies addresses within Fayette County. This keeps information used to support the 911 up-to-date.

This information is used by the U.S. Postal Service, the PVA and other service providers such as utility companies and private delivery services.

Addressing ordinances

Addressing guide

Street naming guidelines

All addresses must contain a street name. Such names may contain a maximum of 20 letters; however, names shall not contain fewer than two letters. The following are prohibited in street names:

  1. Punctuation
  2. Numerical digits or numerical names
  3. Leading single letter phrases
  4. Initiating a street name with a directional term
  5. Confusing, obscene or irregularly spelled words
  6. Duplicate or closely approximate names of existing streets
  7. Abbreviations, except for the following, which may be abbreviated: (a) Fort shall be abbreviated as "FT"; (b) Mount shall be abbreviated as "MT"; and (c) Saint shall be abbreviated as "ST"; and
  8. Use of the words "service," "street," "drive," "avenue," or "court."