West Hickman Watershed Plan

West Hickman Creek watershed is located in south central Lexington, Fayette County, and northeastern Jessamine County, Kentucky. Its watershed area is almost entirely urban within Fayette County, with more rural land uses in Jessamine County. Lexington hosts approximately 6 miles of stream length and 20 square miles of watershed while Jessamine County contains approximately 2 miles of stream and 2 square miles of watershed. The headwaters of West Hickman Creek begin in Lexington and the stream flows south into Jessamine County until its confluence with East Hickman Creek to Hickman Creek. The West Hickman Creek watershed encompasses Lexington Reservoirs 1, 2, and 3, which are predominately used for recreational purposes.

West Hickman Creek was first listed as impaired for aquatic life in the 1998 303(d) list of Kentucky impaired waters. In subsequent years, additional segments and causes were listed including impairment to recreational use due to pathogens in 2004.

The West Hickman Watershed Management Plan (WHWMP) was approved by the EPA in 2023 and was developed by The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG), through the Division of Environmental Services (DES), and Palmer Engineering. Development of this plan began in response to citizens’ interest in the watershed and water quality. The WHWMP presents the collaborative culmination of an extensive data collection and analysis effort, recruitment of partners and stakeholders in watershed interests, and remediation strategy development.

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