All full-time employees who are scheduled to work when the polls are open on an election day are entitled to take one hour off with pay to vote. This hour may be taken in the morning, noon, or the afternoon, and should be coordinated through the division director or immediate supervisor. Each employee is encouraged to exercise their right to vote, which is the primary reason they are given this hour.

Request for the hour must be made in advance, per departmental or divisional policies. State law provides that an employee can take up to four hours of leave without pay to vote. Employees wishing to take up to three more hours of paid leave, such as holiday, vacation, or comp time, can do so with proper notice to their supervisors.

Because voting leave is a leave category, it does not count as hours worked for the purposes of calculating compensatory time and overtime pay.

KRS 118.035 Hours polls to be open -- Employees to be allowed time off to vote, to apply for or execute absentee ballot, and to serve or train to be election officer.

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